On-Campus Testing

On-Campus Testing Policy

On-campus testing is available in the Educational Testing Center (ETC) during staffed hours for all JCHS students.  Students should be aware of and follow these policies when testing:

  • Students must show picture IDs each time they test.
  • Students must sign in each time they come in to test.
  • Students must know their faculty members’ names, course names, and the tests they are to take.
  • The proctor will remain in the ETC during testing.
  • All personal items must be left inside the proctor’s office. Jefferson College is not responsible for any items left stored during testing.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the ETC.
  • Prior to coming to the ETC, students should check course information regarding the number of tests, deadlines, time limits, and other testing requirements. Faculty guidelines will be followed when administering tests.
  • All tests must be completed in one sitting. If students need to use the restroom during testing, they must leave testing materials and personal items with the Testing Center Coordinator.
  • Conversing with other students or usage of cellular phones is prohibited during testing.
  • Children may not accompany students to the ETC.
  • Tests and related materials may not be taken out of the ETC.
  • Any questions related to test content, grading, and deadlines should be directed to the instructor of the course.

Academic Dishonesty

Students testing in any format are always expected to abide by the Honor Code. In the case of academic dishonesty or suspected academic dishonesty in the Educational Testing Center (ETC), the Testing Center Coordinator will report the incident to Student Affairs and the instructor of the course. The ETC follows the Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook.