Carilion Clinic Office of Research and Development

Jefferson College works very closely with Carilion Clinic’s Office of Research & Development to support you in your pursuit of research and extramural funding for projects of all types. Together, our offices can assist you and/or your team develop areas of interest into a project, find and apply for extramural funding, and manage any grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements during the post-award period through project close-out. To learn more about how our office work together, please visit: or contact the Jefferson College Office of Research & Development at (540) 985-8206.

To access the Carilion Clinic Office of Research and Development's home page, please visit:

Resources include:

  • Research and Development on the Carilion Intranet (secure site)
  • R&D Forms (secure site):
    • Pre-Award processes and forms
    • Post-Award processes and forms
    • R&D forms repository
  • R&D Policies & Procedures (secure site)
  • Research Trials
  • R&D News
  • An explanation of Research Processes at Carilion
  • An overview of the Research Laboratory and facilities
  • R&D Staff Contact Information
  • Poster & Presentation Templates
  • FAQs about Research
  • Research Education
  • RAP Grant Application and Instructions
  • Information on Research Compliance
  • Information about Research Day