Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (3+1 Program)

Degree Awarded: 
Bachelor of Science Degree

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The 3+1 B.S. Health Sciences (3+1 BSHS) program is designed for students who have an associate degree and/or at least 86 credits of undergraduate coursework to complete a bachelor’s degree in two semesters. Students entering this program must have completed all of the Jefferson College B.S. Core Requirements, except the IPE courses, prior to starting the program. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.

For qualified students, the benefits of the 3+1 BSHS ONLINE program include:

  • complete a bachelor’s degree in two semesters (34 credits);
  • transfer up to 86 credits of previous course work to Jefferson College;
  • flexibility and compatibility with work, family, and other commitments;
  • continue working full or part-time while completing  a bachelor’s degree;
  • obtaining a bachelor’s degree may aid academic and/or career advancement;
  • preparation to pursue graduate degrees in several health-related fields;
  • fulfill the requirements for a Minor in Public Health.

3+1 B.S. Health Sciences Summary

Transfer credits, including required BS Core Requirements;   86 credits
Jefferson College courses   34 credits
Total credits for 3+1 B.S. Health Sciences   120 credits

3+1 B.S. Health Sciences Plan of Study (34 Credits)

Semester 1   Credits/Hours
HSC 490 or
ELE 300-400 Level
Service Learning in Community Health I or HSC/PBH/HCM Elective 300-400 Level* 3
HCM 300 U.S. Healthcare System 3
HSC 300 Foundations in Healthcare Research 3
HSC 450 Global Health Issues 3
PBH 350 Principles of Public Health 3
IPE 200 Teamwork 1
  Total 16
Semester 2   Credits/Hours
HSC 491 or
HSC 489
Service Learning in Community Health II or
Special Topics in Health Sciences
HCM 302 or
HCM 420
Healthcare Management or
Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare
PBH 370 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
PBH 415 Population Health Management 3
PBH 425 Environmental Health 3
IPE 300 Interprofessional Healthcare Discovery& Collaboration 1
IPE 400 Interprofessional Healthcare Experiences 1
  Total 18

*Elective determined by consultation between advisor and student to strengthen transcript for academic and career goals. Students are required to enroll in either HSC 490 and HSC 491 OR HSC 489 and HSC/PBH/HCM 300-400 Level Elective.  Fulfills requirements for the Minor in Public Health.

Bachelor of Science Core Requirements
Humanities/Fine Arts 12 Hours
ENG 111 - Grammar & Composition 3
ENG 112 - Grammar & Composition II 3
PHL 115 - Foundations of Ethics 3
Literature Course 3
Natural Sciences/Mathematics 9 Hours
Math - college algebra or statistics 3
Natural Science 3
Math or Natural Science 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3 Hours
Social/Behavioral Science 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences or Humanities Electives 6 Hours
  Social/Behavioral Science or Humanities 6
Other 1 Hour
GEN 100 - Academic Seminar for Freshmen 1
Total 31

For more information about the 3+1 B.S. Health Sciences program, please contact:

Dr. Diana Willeman-Buckelew, Program Director of Health Sciences
Phone: (540) 224-4491
Stacy Pronko, Admissions Representative
Phone: (540) 985-9766

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