Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science

Degree Awarded: 
Undergraduate Certificate
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One year program of study accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, our certificate-awarding program is designed to prepare students to become medical laboratory scientists. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be eligible to take the national certification exam.

Medical laboratory scientists perform tests that enable other healthcare providers to make diagnostic and treatment decisions for patients every day.  Billions of laboratory tests are ordered in the United States each year and laboratory scientists interact with other healthcare professionals to interpret, make recommendations, and deliver quality data for the best possible patient care.  Medical laboratory scientists are responsible for quality assurance, appropriate test methodologies, and precision analyzers leading to the delivery of accurate results.

It is estimated that we will need over 50,000 new laboratorians by 2024

Medical Laboratory Science is listed as one of the 100 Best Jobs in 2016 by US News and World Report

Opportunities for employment are most plentiful in clinical/hospital laboratories, but our graduates are also employed in research laboratories, education fields, veterinary medicine, laboratory information systems, sales and marketing, equipment/analyzer maintenance, and test development.

Program Mission: 

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Science Program is to prepare ethical, knowledgeable, competent, and caring laboratory scientists who possess a broad knowledge base in the laboratory science field and are prepared to provide excellent patient care to a diverse population of individuals. 

Medical Laboratory Science Vision:

Graduates of the Jefferson College of Health Sciences Medical Laboratory Science Program will be employees of choice for the medical, research and reference laboratory fields.

Program Goals Intro: 

Graduates of the Jefferson College of Health Sciences Medical Laboratory Science Program will be nationally recognized as employees of choice for the medical, research and reference laboratory fields.

  • Three Year Average Graduation Rate Percentage: 100%
  • Three Year Average Placement Rate Percentage: 100%
  • Three Year Average BOC Pass Rate Percentage: 80%
Registration Information: 

The Application Process
Applications for the program will be available after August 15 each year. Students seeking an MLS Certificate should fill out the undergraduate application: https://selfservice.jchs.edu/SelfService//Admissions/Application.aspx?applicationformid=1

Contact Information: 

Contact the Director

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  • 101 Elm Avenue, SE
    Roanoke, VA  24013

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many applications does the school receive each year? 
    We receive an average of 30 applications each year. The maximum number of students accepted will vary from year to year due to the availability of clinical rotation sites.
  • What are the job prospects after graduation? 
    Students graduating from our program are eligible to sit for the National Board of Certification exam offered through ASCP. After successfully passing this exam, jobs are abundant. Graduates can work in the hospital lab setting, a physician office, a veterinary office, research laboratories, blood centers, education, sales, IT positions, and even forensics.
  • What is the expected salary upon entering the field? 
    Depending upon your demographic, the median projected salary is $46,680, according to theDepartment of Labor. 
  • Can I complete the program online, at nights or part-time? 
    No, this program is formatted in a face-to-face setting on a full-time basis for one calendar year. Although, certain online tools are used as teaching aids.
Gainful Employment Information

Please visit this page for Gainful Employment information required by the Department of Education: http://www.jchs.edu/GE-MLSC.html