Dossier Workshops

The promotion process at Jefferson College occurs every year from October-January. Faculty that meet the requirements for Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor are encouraged to apply for promotion. This workshop is offered every September to benefit faculty who are planning to create their dossier and those submitting for promotion. Attending this workshop for two consecutive years will enable faculty to plan an organized, well-balanced dossier and then fine-tune the dossier prior to submission.

This workshop is delivered by faculty who have experienced the promotion process, served on the faculty promotion committee, and the Dean of Academic Affairs. Faculty will have the opportunity to view examples of faculty dossiers from members of the college at various stages of their career.

Workshop Agenda (2.5 hours)

  1. Setting up the dossier binder – 30 mins
    1. Distribute binders and dividers
    2. Review of major sections
    3. Review examples of faculty dossiers
  2. Theories on the candidate statement, teaching philosophy, and introduction narratives to individual sections – 30 mins
    1. Infusing your dossier with your individual voice
  3. Breakdown of dossier sections – 30 mins
    1. CV
    2. What makes a good artifact (for each section)
    3. How to showcase your artifacts to the committee within the dossier
  4. Promotion process and timeline- 30 mins
    1. Letter of Application
    2. Submitting the dossier
    3. How the decision is made
    4. When and how promotion is communicated 
  5. Questions and Answers – 30 mins