Glenn P. Kent, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(540) 985-4042

Dr. Glenn Kent earned his masters degree in neuropsychology and doctoral degree in health psychology at the University of Cincinnati, where he taught courses on psychology and nutrition.  His experience as a University Wellness Director, Health Care Administrator, personal trainer, and fitness entrepreneur speaks to a lifelong commitment to the study of health. Currently, Dr. Kent is a researcher and assistant professor of health psychology at Jefferson College.  His research interests focus on Triune Health, his model of well-being along 3 dimensions: movement, eating, and psychology.  His findings aim to reduce the causes of chronic diseases, especially obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, in an effort to increase longevity and quality of life. Glenn is also the owner of Fitness Motive, a Roanoke-based health company focusing on psychological approaches to wellness.

B.S., University of Louisville
M.A., University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati