Linda Cochran, M.S.

Director of Clinical Education
Assistant Professor
(540) 985-8268

Linda has been a respiratory therapist since 1974, starting out as an O.J.T. Her A.S. degree in RT is from Butler University (a small liberal arts college in Indianapolis), and her B.S. and M.S. degrees are from Indiana University in Indianapolis. She finished her M.S. degree in health sciences education in 1999. Linda is working towards her Master's of Respiratory Therapy through North Eastern University. In addition to being a RRT, Linda also has the credentials of a neonatal pediatric specialist and certified asthma educator. She is married and has two daughters, two step granddaughters and two grandsons. The kids—big and small—are still in central Indiana. Linda and her husband moved to Roanoke in 2005 for the scenery and the weather. The position at JCHS fit perfectly into her career goals. Linda's husband is a CBET, so he can fix just about everything she breaks here at JCHS. When she's not at work, Linda likes to crochet (which she learned in preparation of being a grandmother), cross stitch and read.

A.S., Butler University
B.S., Indiana/Purdue University
M.S., Indiana/Purdue University