Sharon L. Hatfield, Ph.D.

Chair, Community Health Sciences
Associate Professor
(540) 985-8263

Sharon is the Chair for Community Health Sciences which includes Respiratory Therapy, Healthcare Management, Physician Assistant, and Emergency Services programs. She is an associate professor teaching in the Respiratory Therapy and Healthcare Management programs. She came to Jefferson seven years ago as the Program Director for Respiratory Therapy. She has been a respiratory therapy program director for over 20 years and a program director for Healthcare Management at schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, Georgia, North Carolina and Roanoke. She has an A.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy, B.A. degree in Health Administration Services, an M.B.A. in Healthcare Administration, and a Ph.D. in Community College Leadership. In addition to being a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Sharon has the credentials of a Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist, a Certified Asthma Educator, and a COPD educator. On a national level, she is recognized by the American Association of Respiratory Care as a mentor for new program directors and an expert in laboratory design. She has published articles on healthcare administration, laboratory design, healthcare administration, and respiratory therapy in Mexico. In her spare time, she likes to paint, play the piano and hunt for antiques with her husband, Charlie.

A.S., Ohlone Junior College
B.A., St. Mary's College
M.B.A., City University
Ph.D., Old Dominion University