Community Youth Program Students Visit Jefferson College

Friday, March 4, 2016 - 10:00am

On Friday, March 4, 2016, ten students from the Community Youth Program visited Jefferson College to see what we have to offer in the field of healthcare. They were greeted by Jason Browning, Judith McKeon and Erik Williams in the boardroom where they learned about the programs offered here at the College.

Next, the group went to Emergency Services where two current, Jefferson students showed them a simulated rescue vehicle and a high-tech manikin inside. Their third stop was in the sixth floor lab, where Robin Davies and Susan Tolliver had several scientific experiments set up for them to try out.

Finally, Jason Browning and Carrie Weatherspoon took them to their lab to look at bones and explained what occupational and physical therapy are all about. The students had an excellent visit here at Jefferson and have made plans to come back to learn more.