The Jefferson Writing Workshop Series: APA for Beginners

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Room 501
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For more information, contact Sarah Cox at or Elliott Freeman at

In this workshop, we’ll explore and demystify APA style, formatting, and citation.

The Jefferson Writing Workshop series is free and open to all students who want to improve their writing. No sign-up needed. FREE lunch for the first ten students. We meet every week, usually on Tuesday, in Room 501 from Noon to 1 p.m.

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  • Sept. 23 | The “P” Word
    What is plagiarism, and how can you avoid it? In this workshop, we’ll explain plagiarism and share strategies for paraphrasing.
  • Sept. 30 | The Essential Thesis
    Every paper needs one, but what is a thesis, anyway? We’ll help you understand and develop stronger theses.
  • Oct. 7 | In the End
    Learn strategies for creating a strong conclusion that ties everything together without sounding repetitive.
  • Oct. 8 | APA Redux
    A repeat performance of our Sept. 16 APA workshop; if you missed the first, this is your chance!
  • Oct. 15| Basic Professionalism
    Learn how to communicate effectively as a professional—we’ll cover everything from e-mails to cover letters and beyond.
  • Oct. 21 | Academic Argument
    We’ll discuss rhetoric—the art of academic argument. Learn how to prove your point without raising your voice.
  • Oct. 28 | Reading Like a Writer
    Good writers are good readers—we’ll share strategies for active reading to improve your own writing.
  • Nov. 4 | The Red Pen
    In this workshop, we’ll build your skills as an editor and proofreader with techniques for finding your own errors.
  • Nov. 11 | Working in Drafts
    What does “revision” really mean? We’ll cover how to reimagine your entire paper to make it practically perfect.
  • Nov. 18 | The Literature Review
    What’s a literature review? In this workshop, we’ll answer that question and help you understand how to put one together.