everbridge Alert System

Jefferson College implemented an emergency notification system in September 2007 to alert students, faculty, and staff in emergency situations and to keep the college community informed of breaking news. In fall 2016, the college migrated to everbridge emergency notification system, aligning our safety efforts with Carilion Clinic. The everbridge system allows the college community to automatically receive email notifications and opt-in to receive SMS or voice alerts.

The Campus Alert System Policy defines an emergency situation as:

  • Fatal or life threatening accidents occurring on a campus, involving students, employees, or members of the public when injuries require medical attention
  • Violence of a major nature, occurring on or in close proximity to College property, which might endanger life or interfere with College activities
  • Reports of illness, involving humans or an epidemic or pandemic nature
  • Reports of outbreaks of illness or injury due to food poisoning or consumption of similar products distributed on College property
  • Environmental incidents, including major spills or major air emissions
  • Explosions
  • Natural disasters, including fire, flood, hurricane, or tornado or other weather-related closings
  • Other timely warning notifications covered under the Clery Act or notifications deemed appropriate by the President