Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Welcome to the Carilion Clinic IRB

Before research can be conducted by Jefferson College employees or at Carilion facilities (including Jefferson College), it must be reviewed and approved by the Carilion Clinic Institutional Review Board. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with reviewing all research protocols involving human subjects to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Carilion Clinic has established two IRB committees composed of members from a variety of medical and scientific backgrounds. The IRB members are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The work of the IRB Committees is supported and administered by the Department of Biomedical and Research Ethics.

Click on this link to access the Carilion Clinic Institutional Review Board:

Resources include:

  • Important News and Updates
  • IRB Continuing Education Sessions
  • Information Regarding New Submissions
  • IRB Forms
    • New Project Applications
    • Annual Review, Changes, and Update Forms
    • Reporting Tools and Forms
    • Emergency Use Forms
    • Consent Templates
    • Research Documentation Templates and Checklists
    • Recruitment Templates
  • Required Education
  • Guidelines for research
  • Guidance for preparing a required study protocol
  • IRB policies
  • Information on QA/QI studies
  • Link to the Western IRB
  • General information about the IRB, its purpose, and research administration

IRB Application forms are updated one or more times a year to improve the review of research and protection of human subjects. You must use the most current version of forms on this site when you are submitting research for review.

Submission Instructions:

Investigators should send the submission to the IRB via e-mail.

  • For Expedited, Exempt, or QA/QI projects, please send the submission to Janet McDowell at
  • For Full Board research, please send the submission to Meredith Talmadge at
  • Signature pages may be faxed to (540) 985-5323 or scanned and e-mailed.
  • For further information call (540) 853-0728.

Please Note: Per Institutional Policy, ALL Human Subjects research projects (this does not apply to QA/QI projects) must first be submitted to and receive approval from R&D BEFORE being submitted to the IRB. IRB submissions that do not include a R&D Approval Letter will not be accepted by the IRB. Visit for information on obtaining R&D approval or contact the R&D Department at 540-985-8510.

Contact Us about Deadlines for IRB Review
Carilion Clinic IRB
2001 Crystal Spring Avenue, Suite 202
Roanoke, VA 24014

Education Briefs from the IRB:

  • Informed Consent Process
  • Informed Consent Videos: The videos on this page are to help researchers learn about the informed consent discussion for human subjects research. The first two videos show an informed consent discussion between Dr. Michael Jermiah, a Carilion Family Medicine physician, and his "patient," IRB Community member Gardner Smith. Dr. Jeremiah is discussing a study that was actually conducted at his practice. The study was looking at whether diabetes patients who attended a series of regular group meetings to discuss and learn about their disease had better results than patients who had only regular office visits. The first video represents a "bad" or poorly conducted consent discussion. The second illustrates a "good" informed consent discussion. The third video consists of some tips from Dr. Jeremiah about how to conduct an informed consent discussion.
  • Writing Better Consents
  • Humanitarian Use Devices (HUD) Education