JCHS Veteran Profile: Meet Ryan Blatt

When Ryan Blatt graduated high school in 1990 and joined the Navy, he took it as his chance to leave home, mature, establish independence and learn life skills. In the Navy, Blatt was a sonar technician stationed in San Diego and then in Norfolk. While he was extending the Navy legacy that his grandfather, a fighter pilot, had established, he was also cutting his own paths. As a civilian after 1996, Blatt took what he had learned in the Navy and founded Global Communications and Electric, a company that installed communications in submarines. France, Malta, Italy, Japan – the job and Blatt were global. He supervised up to 40 people on government jobs that meant millions of dollars. As a citizen, Blatt used the time management skills from the military to grow his company because in the Navy, he explained, “It’s 0700, not 0701. It’s structured. This has helped me with punctuality,” he said.

That punctuality, maturity (Blatt is now 41 years old), and ability to communicate has helped him considerably as a student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Jefferson College of Health Sciences, from which he anticipates graduating in the Spring of 2016. He sold his business in 2013 because he was gone from home – and his 9-year old son and 14-year old daughter -- more than he was at home, and finally decided to pursue another interest – healthcare.

“I’ve always had an interest,” he laughed. “My mom was in occupational therapy, my dad was a clinical social worker. I grew up being psycho analyzed.” 

He has brought time management skills, a respect for chain of command and leadership qualities to the college. He is oftentimes the leader of the group, more willing than others to speak up. His greatest challenge, he said, is managing school and life, which is filled with his children’s afterschool activities. And that’s where the 0700 comes in – undoubtedly, his children are never late for sports practice.

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