JCHS Veteran Profile: Meet Tami Bobe

Tami Bobe joined the Army in 2000, answering the lures of travel, educational benefits and structure that, as a teenager, she wanted and needed. This she got, she recalls, through daily PT, or physical training.

“I was a typical teenager, but I realized early that I wanted the structure and discipline,” she says.

At first, Bobe’s job was in finance, but in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, she was a convoy escort, providing security. That was 2009 to 2010, and it wasn’t an easy or peaceful job.

“Yes, we were shot at, and we encountered a few IEDs (improvised explosive devices). I was worried about being scared, until I got there.”

But the Army had prepared her well, and Bobe says the minute she stepped foot into Afghanistan and began to go on convoys, she was fine.

“You have all the training -- it’s drilled into you enough, but until you are in a situation where you need that training, you’re not sure if you will apply it,” she says.

Now, Bobe is in the Army Reserves and has two children whom, she says, she “treats in a more military style, and I don’t accept ‘no’. I give them a specific time frame.” She also has more patience, as she knows about PTSD, and knows that although she doesn’t have it, she is more susceptible to reacting. With her Post-9/11 GI benefits®, she is pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at Jefferson College.  She says the discipline, the experiences, and her two children have made her much more mature and able to focus on what is in front of her—her future as a nurse.

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