Jefferson College of Health Sciences Room Request Form

Complete this form to request a room reservation at Jefferson College of Health Sciences. Completed forms will be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar. All information below must be completed to reserve a room.

  • All Jefferson College classrooms can only be reserved after the semester classes have been published.
  •  The Jefferson College Board Room can be reserved through the Office of the President.
  •  All Jefferson College labs are reserved through their department.

Note: Please do not use this form for class changes. All changes to a class schedules must be given to the appropriate program director.

If you do not see a room listed below that you would like to reserve, click here to see the full list of rooms available for reservation at Jefferson in Excel format.

When using our rooms, it is your responsibility to assure that furniture in the room is returned to its previous position; that all trash, papers, handouts, etc. are removed or thrown away; and that all signs directing people to your event are taken down.

If you have questions, contact Marlene Perrott, Office of the Registrar, at or (540) 224-4492. Marlene will e-mail you when this request has been processed.

Thank you!

For example, when requesting every Tuesday, list December 5, 12, 19, 26.
Please include any additional information about your reservation.
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