Jefferson College Internal Grant Program: Travel Application

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Jefferson College Faculty and Staff Travel Grant Program is to provide faculty and staff with the financial support for travel to present a refereed scholarly paper or poster at a conference or meeting of recognized scholarly societies. 

ELIGIBILITY: All full or regular part-time (minimum of 24 hours per week) Jefferson College faculty and staff.

APPLICATION DEADLINES: September 15th, November 15th, January 15th, March 15th. Applications received after 5:00 PM on the stated deadline will be returned unread.


Amanda Ellinger
Jefferson College Office of Research and Development
CRCH, Room 116
Email to:

LEVEL OF SUPPORT: Award Ceiling: $1,000.  Applicants are expected to reduce travel budgets where possible through the use of carpooling and/or using personal vehicles for travel within a reasonable driving distance of Roanoke, VA.  The use of a rental car (booked through Carilion Travel Services) may also offer an economical means of transportation for travel within a reasonable driving distance of Roanoke, VA. Please consult with Carilion Clinic Travel Services regarding use of a rental vehicle, if appropriate. Please note that expenses exceeding the award amount must be covered by the employee and/or his/her departmental budget, with approval from the Department Chair and/or Program Director.


  • Travel must involve the presentation of scholarly work. Support for travel related to continuing education or professional development (without the presentation of scholarly work) should be requested through the faculty/staff member’s department and/or program.
  • Retroactive funding for travel (reimbursement for travel occurring prior to the application deadline) may be considered, provided the travel and associated reimbursement falls within Carilion’s 30-day window for reimbursement. However, every attempt should be made to proactively submit an application for travel support prior to the travel event.
  • Proposals may be submitted pending abstract acceptance, although funds are not released until notification of conference acceptance is received by the Jefferson College Office of Research & Development.
  • Material presented must be able to be attributed to Jefferson College.
  • Poster printing costs should be requested through the faculty/staff’s department or through the Jefferson College Scholarly Development Internal Grant, as part of a funded scholarly activity.
  • In most cases, funding will be limited to one person per presentation as speaker, co-author or poster presenter.  If travel funds are requested for a second (or third, fourth, etc.) faculty/staff member, a one-page Impact Statement to justify additional person(s) should be included with the application materials. If this addendum is not submitted with your application, funding will be limited to the first author of the presentation only.
  • Up to 2 nights’ hotel stay can be requested. Meals are based on the current Carilion Clinic Per Diem for 3 days.  For peer-reviewed presentations where the conference and travel schedule requires a longer stay, faculty/staff may request funding beyond the 3 day/2 night standard funding level.  Justification for an extended stay should be provided as an attachment to the narrative document and is not counted toward the page limits.
  • Priority consideration is given to faculty/staff who have been invited to present scholarly work by a professional organization, those who are presenting at a national or international conference, and those who are giving podium, keynote, round-table, or short course presentations.


The recipient is responsible for the following:

  1. A completed travel reimbursement form following Carilion travel policies  (Log In required; look for Travel Request Form under ‘Education Resources’) signed by your Department Chair. Original, itemized receipts must accompany the travel reimbursement form and should be submitted to the Jefferson College Office of Research & Development within 30 days of travel.  Alcoholic beverages and associated taxes, as well as meals for anyone other than the designated faculty/staff person, will not be reimbursed.  Tips greater than 20% of the total cost of the meal (excluding the expenses mentioned above) or that exceed the allotted per diem will not be reimbursed.

AND one of the following:

  1. A brief (one page) report summarizing your presentation and describing its relationship to future scholarly activities at Jefferson College (submitted within 30 days of return from trip).
  2. An oral presentation or poster presentation to the College community, to share work presented at the professional meeting, to be presented in the academic year in which the award is made.

Failure to complete reporting requirements will render the applicant ineligible to apply for future funding until reporting requirements have been satisfied.  

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: In poster presentations, publications and/or funding proposals acknowledgement of funding support by the Jefferson College Faculty and Staff Travel Grant Program

REVIEW CRITERIA:  Proposals will be evaluated and scored using the tool included in the Travel Grant Application.  Submissions are expected to address the review criteria listed. Please note that funding may be reduced or withheld for applications receiving low scores during evaluation.  Committee feedback and evaluations will be returned to the Project Leader to provide guidance to faculty in the submission of future grant applications.