Jefferson Online: Online Frequently Asked Questions





How does an online degree program work?
Online learning allows students to study and complete coursework whenever and wherever it is most convenient.  Courses are designed to provide interaction with instructors and classmates in an online environment using tools such as the Internet and a computer. Back to top

How do I know if I am ready to learn online?
As an online student, you must take responsibility for your learning.  It is important to be self-motivated, comfortable with technology, and able to manage your time. Take the Jefferson Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire to find out if online learning is right for you. Back to top

Are there skills and strategies needed to be successful as an online student?
Yes! In order to succeed online, you need to have a combination of good personal skills and solid strategies. The library has developed a guide outlining skills and strategies for you to focus on as an online learner. Back to top

Will I have to attend classes on campus?
While most of our online programs do not require you to visit the campus, there are some programs that have an onsite component.  Please view the webpage for your program of interest for more details. Back to top

What will my classes be like?
Jefferson Online courses offer content delivered using a variety of engaging tools.  Some examples include Blackboard learning management system, web conferencing, discussion boards, and other interactive technologies. 

There are two types of online courses:

  • Online Asynchronous – Students complete online course work following a defined course schedule.  No synchronous (same-time) scheduled class meetings are required. Course material is accessed online from any location.  Assignments and exams are scheduled by the instructor. Some activities that might be found in an online asynchronous course include case studies, journals, wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and group projects.
  • Online Synchronous- Students are required to participate in live, scheduled online class meetings. Course material is accessed online from any location.  Assignments and exams are scheduled by the instructor. Some activities that might be found in an online synchronous course include web conferencing, guest speakers, study groups, and group projects. Back to top

Who teaches the classes?
Classes are taught by Jefferson College faculty members with advanced degrees who bring situation-specific relevance to every course to ensure that you are prepared for real-life challenges after graduation. Back to top

How do I interact with my classmates and instructors?
Some of the tools you may use include various components of the learning management system, web conferencing, and email. Back to top

Where do I find information about tuition and fees?
Tuition and fees can be found on the Bursar’s page, along with payment options. Back to top

Is financial aid available?
Yes, in most cases financial assistance is available. See the Financial Aid page for more information. Back to top

Will my previous coursework transfer?
It depends on your program, the types of credits, and the school at which they were taken. Reach out to an Admissions Counselor for more information. Back to top

When and how do I register for courses?
Once you have paid the deposit, you will receive a letter from your program with registration details.  Registration dates can be found in the Academic Calendar, and registration takes place online using Self-Service. Back to top

When do courses begin and end?
Jefferson College operates on a traditional three semesters per year schedule with short breaks in between. There is a fall, spring, and summer semester. Most Jefferson Online courses follow the regular Jefferson College semester schedule.

See our Academic Calendar for dates. Back to top

What are the computer requirements for an online course?
Some of the tools you will need are a computer, high-speed Internet access, and a web browser.  See our Recommended Computer Specifications for detailed online student requirements. Back to top

Do I have to live in Virginia to enroll in a Jefferson Online program?
No - However, while our goal is to one day offer online programs in all states, we are unable to currently accept students living in Massachusetts due to state and/or federal regulations.

For additional details regarding your program of interest, please visit the program webpage and/or speak to our Admission Counselors. Back to top

How do I use the library from a distance?
You will have access to library resources such as journals, databases, and eBooks using an online portal.  See the Jefferson College Library for more information. Back to top

Are the college credits earned in online degree programs equivalent to those earned at a traditional university?
Yes, they are the same.  Transcripts do not reflect the delivery method of a course, only the credit hours earned. Back to top

What if I need technical assistance with my online courses?
The Technology Service Center is available 24x7x365 to support you in the use of technologies such as Blackboard, Self-Service and, and Jefferson College email. See the Academic Technology Department page for more information. Back to top

What happens when it is time for graduation?
When you earn a degree through Jefferson Online, you are earning the same high quality degree that all students receive from Jefferson College of Health Sciences.  This is a special time for celebration with family and friends! As a Jefferson Online graduate, you are invited to attend the same commencement ceremony as those on campus to receive your diploma in person.

This is often the first time that our students set foot on campus, as well as meet their classmates, faculty, and academic advisers in person.  If you cannot attend graduation in person, we will send your diploma through the mail. Back to top

How do I get started?
If you are ready to apply to Jefferson College, please click here to access the Getting Started page. Back to top