Jefferson Research Collaborative

Announcing the "Jefferson Research Collaborative"

As a significant pillar of the faculty role, writing for publication can be a very challenging task for faculty in higher education. The Jefferson Research Collaborative is a uniquely designed faculty development series with the goal to increase scholarly activity in faculty through the development of skills and motivation in scholarly writing and scholarly project design and implementation. Pulling heavily from theory on the use of writing retreats to enhance faculty motivation in writing, the Jefferson Research Collaborative is a writing retreat with pre-retreat workshops to develop skills in scholarly activity. The Jefferson Research Collaborative is also designed to foster the formation of a community of scholarly writers, which will provide support to faculty through peer-to-peer and mentoring relationships. The design is such to not isolate faculty that feel unprepared to embark on scholarly writing, but to motivate faculty in a structured environment to learn about the scholarly process. During the series, participants will learn how to start and develop a scholarly project, the importance of peer feedback in the scholarly process, and produce a significant amount of writing towards a publication.

Jefferson Research Collaborative Schedule:


  • Pre-retreat Workshop #1 – TBA
    Developing your scholarly idea and turning your idea into a research question
  • Pre-retreat Workshop #2 – TBA
    Approaching your research question (implementation of your scholarship)
  • Writing Retreat – TBA
    4 -1.5 hours blocks of writing
    2 – 30 min blocks of time to share with participants (paired prior to break)
    1 hour lunch break
    Access to mentors and consultations for your particular stage of writing

Participants that attend the entire series and retreat will receive a Certificate of Scholarship Development from the Jefferson Research Collaborative. Participants that attend at least one of the sessions or retreat will receive support throughout the semester and summer. Support will include scheduled meetings with mentors to continue support with project implementation and publication, as well as regular helpful reminders via
e-mail to continue project progression and maintenance of a writing routine.

To sign up for participation in the Jefferson Research Collaborative contact Kimberly Whiter, Director of Faculty Development at OR one of the Collaborators: