New Faculty Orientation & PD Orientation

New Faculty Orientation

Faculty within the first two years at Jefferson College are strongly encouraged to participate in New Faculty Orientation. Orientation for new faculty is an online course consisting of content to build your knowledge and comfort in being a faculty member at our institution. Although the course is structured, new faculty have access to the course for an entire semester and can view content at their convenience. The Director of Faculty Development facilitates the orientation course and provides support throughout the semester to ensure new faculty are settling into their new role.

Please contact Kimberly Whiter, Director of Faculty Development and Interprofessional Education to enroll you or your faculty today!

The syllabus for Fall 2017 New Faculty Orientation is posted here for your reference:

Program Director Orientation

New program directors at Jefferson College are encouraged to take part in the PD orientation. This orientation follows a mentoring model where established program directors from various campus programs provide sessions on learning the skills and policies needed to run a program at our institution. Not only will you learn everything you need to perform your leadership role, you will gain insight on how to balance your administrative tasks with your teaching, all from the perspective of those in the same position. Check back soon for a link to the Program Director Orientation.

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