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This resource is intended to be a guide, rather than official policy. Students should always consult the current catalog (available on the website) or Student handbook for questions related to policy.

1. How can I find out if my previous college course will transfer to Jefferson?

Contact the Registrar. A course description or syllabus from the previous institution may be necessary. Only courses with a grade of "C" or better will transfer into JCHS. Professional courses are evaluated for transfer credit by the director of your particular program like, EHS, RTH etc.

2. I’m thinking of taking a general education course at the community college in my home town. How do I find out if it will transfer?

Submit a written request to the Registrar on the "Documentation to Take Courses Elsewhere” form before you register for a course at another institution to make sure it will transfer into JCHS. If you do take a course elsewhere, remember to have an official transcript of your grade sent to Jefferson, Attention Registrar, after the course ends.

3. When should I consider dropping a course?

There are many things to consider before dropping a course.

  • What are the chances of failing the course if you decide to stay in the course until the end? Is it mathematically impossible to pass the course?
  • Have I taken advantage of all resources i.e. tutoring, PASS program, meeting with my instructor etc…?
  • How will dropping this course affect my standing in the college and/or academic program? The course you are thinking of dropping is often a prerequisite for a future course in your program.
  • How will dropping this course affect my financial aid?
  • How often is this course offered?

If you are thinking of dropping a course, always consult the instructor and your program advisor to help you understand the consequences of this decision. The counseling department may also help you consider other options and connect you with the appropriate resources you need to be successful.

4. If I never show up for a course will I automatically be dropped?

You will not automatically be dropped. Not showing up for a course and forgetting to drop can cost you academically and financially. Students who fail to complete the drop process (see “how do I drop a course?”) will receive an “F” and will be charged for the course

5. If I just stop attending a course will I automatically be dropped?

You will not automatically be dropped. Students who fail to complete the drop process (see “how do I drop a course?”) will receive an “F” and will be charged for the course.

6. How do I drop a course?

Undergraduate students can drop a course during the first two weeks of the semester. Graduate students can drop a course during the first week of the semester.

It is the student's responsibility to determine these deadlines posted in the academic calendar under the"Last Day to Add a Course or Drop a Course with a Refund."  Students should use their Self-Service account to drop courses.

7. How do I Withdraw from a Course(s)?

After the Add/Drop period ends a student can withdraw from a course until the posted deadline of "The Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with a "W". . To withdraw, a student must complete a  Withdrawal From Classes form, get the advisor's signature on it and submit it to the Registrar.

Students who are withdrawing from all courses for the semester must also complete a Student Exit Form and return it to the Registrar when all  required signatures are obtained. They may contact the Bursar with refund questions.

The withdrawal date is the date the Registrar receives the completed form.

Before withdrawing from a course the student should contact the Financial Aid Department to determine how withdrawal might impact financial aid.

Faculty and staff DO NOT automatically withdraw a student from a course.

8 . What is an administrative withdrawal and how do I request an administrative withdrawal?

At times there are circumstances beyond a student’s control that occur after the last date to withdrawal with a “W” which prevent successful completion of the course. A student experiencing this type of situation may request an administrative withdrawal. The procedure and form for an administrative withdrawal is located on the web site under the Registrar’s tab. If approved, , a “WA” is posted on the student’s transcript.

9. Can I retake a course to improve my GPA?

Jefferson has a “Grade Forgiveness” policy. A student may improve the GPA by repeating a course (maximum of two repeats at JCHS). All grades for the same course will still show on the student's transcript but the best grade earned is used in Cumulative GPA calculation. If the course is repeated at another institution the course will be recorded as transfer credit.

10. What does it mean to be on academic probation?

If a student fails to meet the GPA or credit hour requirement, he/she will be placed on academic probation from the College and will not be allowed to register for more than 12 credit hours for the following semester. All students on academic probation will be automatically referred to the PASS program and will be required to participate in an academic contract.

11. What is programmatic probation?

Students will be placed on program probation if they earn less than a “C” in a program- specific course (or in some cases, in a science course) or if they earn an “Unsatisfactory” in a clinical component. They may be ineligible to continue taking program-specific courses until they repeat the course the next time it is offered. If the course is repeated and successfully completed (see Academic Standards of Satisfactory Progress) probationary status will be removed.

Students should consult their specific  program handbook to become familiar with the program’s academic policies and requirements surrounding programmatic probation.

12.. What is program dismissal?

A student will be dismissed from his program if he receives two unsatisfactory grades- “D”, “F” or “U” – either sequentially or concurrently- in program-specific courses and/or clinicals or in some cases, in science courses. (See Academic Dismissal from a Program/Major.)

Students should consult the specific program handbook to become familiar with all of the program’s academic policies and requirements surrounding program dismissal.

13. What does it mean to be on financial aid probation?

If a student has not maintained satisfactory progress in his program of study (see Academic Standards of Satisfactory Progress) at the end of the semester he will continue to receive financial aid for a probationary period of one more semester. If satisfactory progress is attained during that probationary semester, financial aid is continued and probationary status is removed.  

If at the end of that probationary period he/she does not meet the minimum standards of satisfactory progress, the student is placed on financial aid suspension and no Federal Aid is awarded. For complete policies on Financial Aid probation, students should familiarize themselves with “Satisfactory Academic Progress for Continuance of Financial Aid” found in the Finances section of this catalog.

14. How many credit hours do I need to take to be considered full-time?

To be considered as a full-time undergraduate student you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. This includes summer semester. Graduate students have full time status with 9 credit hours.

15. I dropped a course by the Add/Drop deadline but it still shows in Blackboard. Am I still registered for it?

The instructor must remove students’ names from the Blackboard course and this may take some time after you drop the course. Your Self-Service account, on the other hand, is in real time and will show you up- to-date information..

16. When can I request to receive an “Incomplete” for a course grade?

A grade of incomplete may be issued by the instructor when the student has a prolonged illness, family emergency, or other serious documented situation beyond his control. The student must have completed at least 75% of the course work with an average grade of “C” or better in order to receive an “I” for the course. The request form is on the college web site under Registrar, Forms.

17. How long do I have to complete the work in a course for which I have received a grade of Incomplete?

A grade of “Incomplete” must be converted to a regular grade during the following semester (excluding summer) by the published deadline of “The last day to withdraw from a course with a “W”.

Incomplete grades earned during spring or summer must be completed by that deadline in the following fall semester. Incomplete grades earned in the fall must be completed by that deadline in the following spring semester.

Any grade of “Incomplete” that is not converted to a regular grade and submitted to the Registrar by the instructor by the deadline is automatically changed to an “F” for the course.

18. Must I apply for graduation?

Yes, all students must complete the “Application for Graduation” form and submit it to the Registrar at least two semesters before the anticipated graduation date.

19. What happens after I apply for graduation?

The Registrar will review your academic record and return  a copy of your Application for Graduation to you and one to your advisor  indicating which courses you still need to complete to fulfill graduation requirements.

20. I withdrew from a course by the deadline of “Last day to withdraw from a course with a “W”. Why is it still showing in my Self-Service account as a course I am still registered for?

Withdrawing from a course means that you are still counted as enrolled in that course and you have received a grade of “W” for it. Check your online transcript to view your grade of “W”. A grade of “W” does not count in GPA calculation.

20. Can I request a transcript over the phone or by e-mail?

No. The Registrar’s Office must have a written transcript request bearing your signature. You may fax or mail  it to the Registrar or you may stop by the Registrar’s office. You may also request a transcript by logging into your student Self-Service account and clicking on the "My Grades" tab and then clicking on the "Request Transcript" link from under the "My Grades" tab.

21. Does the Registrar’s Office automatically send an official transcript for me to the State Boards after I graduate?

No. Students must submit a written, signed request for each and every transcript they wish JCHS to send out for them, including transcripts for State Boards.



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