How to Refer a Student to PASS

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How to Refer a Student to PASS

  1. First, inform the student (in person) that you are referring him/her to PASS.
  2. If the student is dismissed from the program, make sure to refer him/her to the Department of Student Affairs for advising. One of the counselors will work with the student and help him/her develop a plan.
  3. NOTE: Be sure to pick an appropriate time and place to inform the student that you are referring them to PASS. Don’t tell students in front of other students or faculty.
  4. Emphasize to the student that the referral is not a punishment in any way but instead an opportunity to get access to a variety of helpful resources.
  5. Below are directions for how make referrals to PASS using Starfish.
    • Log into Starfish
    • Click on “My Students”
    • Choose the connection you want to use e.g. your role of JCHS Academic Advisor or the course you are teaching. Click the dropdown arrow to view which roles you have. Once you choose the connection you need to make sure to choose the current term. Use the dropdown arrow to choose the correct term.
    • From the list of students click on the check box in front of the student you wish to raise a flag or referral on.
    • Choose the Refer icon in the menu bar and then select the PASS referral.
  6. Once you raise the referral in Starfish an email notification will be sent to the student. This email has a brief description of the PASS program and instructions for how to make a PASS appointment.

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