ETC Proctored Testing Information for Faculty

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Proctored Testing Information for Faculty

About ETC Test Proctoring
Currently, the ETC primarily proctors electronic and web-based tests. 

The two most common types of tests proctored in the ETC are Blackboard tests for various courses and examinations administered through the Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI) website. 

Submitting a Proctor Request Form
The ETC offers proctored electronic testing for any faculty member who submits a Proctor Request form by the beginning of the semester. The testing schedule is generally operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Late proctor requests will be considered if they are submitted two to three weeks prior to the start day of the test so that the ETC staff has enough time to schedule accommodations for the test. Depending on the current ETC testing schedule, late proctor requests may often be approved and added to the schedule.   The general procedure:

  1. The ETC staff will send the Proctor Request Form to all faculty members via e-mail two to three weeks before the end of each semester.
  2. Faculty who wish to have tests proctored in the ETC for their course or program must complete and submit the following form by the deadline the ETC staff announces in the e-mail. Click here for the most current Proctor Request form.
  3. At the beginning of each semester, the ETC staff will establish the testing hours based on staffing availability and testing requests. Faculty members who submit Proctor Request forms will receive an e-mail that announces the testing hours for that semester. To find the current testing hours, any faculty member can visit the Testing Services webpage.

Submitting a Proctor Request Form for Make-Up Tests
During posted hours and as the existing testing schedule allows, ETC staff will also proctor make-up tests for JCHS faculty members. To have a make-up test proctored in the ETC, faculty members should complete the Proctor Request Form for Make-up Tests and bring it in an interoffice envelope to the ETC in CRCH room 508 along with any hard copies of the test, scantron sheets, and any other necessary materials.

If possible, the form and testing materials should be delivered by at least the day before the requested due date. Students needing to take a make-up test will be able to take their test during posted hours and should call (540) 224-4895 or e-mail for an appointment. However, the ETC staff will not schedule students for make-up tests prior to receiving this completed form and accompanying materials from the instructor. If the existing ETC schedule does not have room to accommodate make-up tests at a certain time, then the faculty member may need to find another means to have the make-up test proctored.


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