Pathways to Academic Student Success (PASS)

Acedemic support

Meet Our Staff

Al Overstreet
Director of Academic Support Services
Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Office: CRCH 4th floor
Student Affairs Department
Phone: (540) 985-8205

The PASS Program is designed to help students who may need some assistance in meeting college requirements or academic goals due to academic or behavioral difficulties. Referral can occur before (through the Alternate Admissions Program) or after admission to Jefferson College. Faculty, advisors, program directors, or any JCHS staff member can refer a student to PASS.

After referral, PASS students meet with a counselor for an assessment, decide on mutually agreed upon goals and methods to achieve them. Resources for PASS students include, but are not limited to, study skills, academic counseling, personal counseling, regular meetings with advisors, and tutoring.    Students do not need to wait for a referral to PASS by a faculty or staff member, but they can make a self-referral by calling the Student Affairs secretary at (540) 985-8395.

Students participating in the Pathways to Academic Student Success Program will be able to:

  1. clearly identify their academic problem area/s.
  2. develop specific and measurable goals to address identified problem area/s.
  3. increase their knowledge of study and testing strategies and skills.
  4. seek help from appropriate resources including tutoring, counseling, or academic advising.
  5. adopt new strategies and skills into their academic preparation.
  6. improve their management of time and resources.
  7. learn strategies and skills which can be used across the curriculum in a variety of courses.
  8. increase their confidence in their academic preparation for test and assignments.
  9. increase their ability to self-assess their skills, study habits, and learning styles.
  10. improve academic performance.