The Paw Print - JCHS Student Newsletter

PawThe Paw Print is an electronic publication, as well as a paper publication, that is published by the Department of Student Affairs. The first issue was published late February 2009 under the name Student Affairs Newsletter. The second issue, published in April 2009, was the first to reflect the publication’s new name “The Paw Print,” which was submitted by one of our own students – Jennifer Bath!

 Our goal is to publish five issues per year – two issues each in the Spring and Fall semesters, and one issue during the Summer semester.   The newsletter contains special interest articles for students, a Student Spotlight article, helpful tips, news for students, and more!  Some of the articles, ads, and tips will be written by members of the Department of Student Affairs, faculty or staff at JCHS, and some — we hope — by students. If you haven’t noticed, we would like this newsletter to be enjoyed by and helpful for students! 

Students: We encourage you to…

  • Get involved.
  • Write and submit articles on topics that interest you.
  • Submit your questions for Dr. Jennifer Slusher relating to wellness, relationships, stress, anxiety or time management.
  • Send feedback about the newsletter to the editor.
  • Promote your organizations by submitting “ads” to the newsletter.
  • Enjoy reading what your peers have to say!

Paper copies of the newsletter can be found in Fralin House, the JCHS Library, the Student Affairs Suite, CRCH 3rd Floor Lobby, Educational Technology Center, Learning and Writing Center, Fifth Floor Study Area, Sixth Floor Study Area, the JCHS Student Union (The Dog House) on the fourth floor of CRCH and the Alumni Relations & Development/Communications & College Relations Suite at CRCH. If we see that students are utilizing the paper copies, we might consider placing paper copies in other locations, so please send us your suggestions.

Publications – Click here to see an archived list of published issues of the newsletter. You can also click on the link to the left.

Guidelines – Click here to find guidelines for submitting articles. You can also click on the link to the left.

If you have any questions, submissions, or feedback, send them to Gayle Clary, editor of the newsletter, at