Prior Learning Assessment FAQs

Does PLA qualify for financial aid?

  • No, PLA is not covered through financial aid.  The student must meet with his/her financial aid counselor before enrolling in PLA 200.

What does PLA 200: Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Seminar entail?

  • PLA 200 is a structured course that is designed to provide the student with a systematic approach for developing his/her portfolio. 

Does the student have to take PLA 200 in order earn PLA credit? 

  • Yes, every student who participates in PLA must take PLA 200.

How long will faculty evaluation of the student’s portfolio take?

  • Faculty evaluation may take four to six weeks. 

Who evaluates the student’s portfolio?

  • Each course being evaluated will have an assessment team consisting of a subject matter expert and a PLA-certified faculty.