Research and Scholarship Council (RASCL)

The Jefferson College Research & Scholarship Council (RASCL) meets on the third Monday of each month during the regular academic year, with the exception of December when there is no meeting. RASCL meetings are open to members of the College and Carilion Clinic communities. The membership of the Research and Scholarship Council consists of teaching faculty, professional faculty/staff, and administrators, identified by the outgoing RASCL membership in each academic year.

RASCL exists to:

  1. Promote research and scholarship within the Jefferson College community, and its visibility within Carilion Clinic, as well as regionally and nationally.
  2. Support the research and scholarship activities of Jefferson College faculty, staff, and students via: providing information regarding grantsmanship (possible grant sources, possible collaborators, grant writing workshops); and providing mentoring on all phases of the research and scholarship process including research design and statistics, manuscript preparation, and dissemination of findings (conference presentation and publications).
  3. Recommend JCHS research and scholarship policy to the College Administrative Team.
  4. Facilitate the implementation of research and scholarship policies and procedures from Jefferson College, Carilion Clinic, and other relevant bodies.  These may include, but are not limited to, policies and procedures regarding the IRB process, scientific integrity, research tracking, and sponsored programs.