Add/Drop & Withdrawal Policy Information

Important Add/Drop & Withdrawal Policy Information

Any student desiring to Add or Drop a class after spring classes begin can do so via Self Service until the last day to Add/Drop a class with a refund. See the Academic Calendar for dates.   Any student intending to drop a class but failing to so by the Add/Drop deadline, will continue to be “enrolled” in the course and will be held both academically and financially responsible for it.

Any student wishing to Withdraw from a class after the last day to Add/Drop a class must complete a Withdrawal from Classes form, obtain the advisor’s signature, and return the form to the Registrar by the Last Day to Withdraw from a Class with a “W”. See the Academic Calendar for dates. 

As usual, it is a good idea for any students contemplating withdrawal to check with Financial Aid and the Registrar to predetermine how withdrawing might impact financial aid and academic standing. Please refer to the online Academic Catalog for more information regarding the college’s policies on the Academic Standards of Satisfactory Progress and on Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid.

For the Add/Drop deadline or Last Day to Withdrawal, see the Academic Calendar.

Withdrawal from Classes Forms are available in the Registrar’s Office in CRCH Room 419.   Questions? Contact the Registrar by phone at (540) 224-4492 or by fax at (540) 224-4562.