Book Vouchers

A book voucher allows you to charge your books to your student account prior to your financial aid being disbursed. If your financial aid file is complete you may create an on-line book voucher request through Self-Service.

Creating Book Vouchers

To create a book voucher request you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are registered for the upcoming semester
  • The total financial aid you will receive exceeds your account balance (after tuition is applied)
  • You have completed the Student Financial Aid Authorization Form available through your Self-Service account

Changes in Enrollment

Please note: If you reduce the number of credit hours you are taking or change your enrollment status to part-time, your financial aid awards/eligibility are subject to change and could affect the amount available for a book voucher.

Adjusting Book Vouchers

  • In the event that additional funds are needed for a book voucher you may request an increase through the Bursar’s Office (540) 985-8272.

Important Note:  Requested book vouchers will expire after the last day to Add/Drop with a full refund and any unused funds will be refunded to the student account.

If you need to return your books, eCampus will allow you to return books before classes start.  However, the full costs of books, including shipping, may not be refunded in whole which may leave a balance on your account with Jefferson College of Health Sciences.  If you have further questions regarding the eCampus refund policy, please click here.

Book Rentals

eCampus allows students to rent textbooks with a credit card payment. Book Vouchers may not be used to pay for book rental fees.