Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Degree Awarded: 
Bachelor of Science Degree

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The Biomedical Sciences program is designed to maximally prepare you for medical school, physician assistant programs, dental school, pharmacy school and other professional schools. For the student who desires to further their education through graduate studies, we provide a strong background in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physiology.

The biomedical sciences are defined as the science disciplines that provide a knowledge base most directly applicable to the biology of humans. It is the mission and intention of the Biomedical Sciences program at Jefferson College to prepare students with a solid scientific foundation essential for an understanding of human health and disease. Graduates will be prepared to enter graduate studies in preparation for being well-trained practitioners in healthcare or to enter professions that serve healthcare. The program was established for the purpose of providing a coordinated biomedical sciences curriculum to students preparing to enter graduate studies that lead to careers in healthcare. The program values the many associations that develop among basic, applied and clinical scientists in planning for and participating in quality preparatory methods for healthcare professionals.

Program Mission: 

The mission of Biomedical Sciences is to prepare graduates with an excellent foundation in the natural sciences, to inspire lifelong learning, and to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to enter graduate studies in biomedical or healthcare fields.

Biomedical Sciences Vision:

Biomedical Sciences includes programs of the highest possible quality and is a competitive option for the best students seeking a baccalaureate education leading to graduate studies in healthcare.

Program Goals Intro: 

Upon completion of the Biomedical Sciences program, graduates will be able to:

Program Goals: 
  • Demonstrate working contemporary knowledge of the natural sciences as they apply to biomedical disciplines
  • Demonstrate the principles of diverse and critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific approach to reasoning and problem solving
  • Demonstrate an understanding of aspects of the natural sciences that underlie the basis of human wellness and disease
  • Understand concepts of research design, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation of published research findings
  • Understand functional mechanisms relevant to biomedical science within the range of the molecular to whole organisms
  • Exhibit adequate preparation to be a competitive candidate for graduate biomedical studies or employment in the biomedical field
  • Demonstrate effective communication (written, spoken, and technological) skills relevant to biomedical science and/or a career in biomedical science
  • Demonstrate quantitative proficiency relevant to the natural sciences and/or biomedical science
Admission Requirements: 
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Other Information: 

The program also offers and emphasizes opportunities for students to participate in research activities that impact health sciences. Student development of an understanding of the use of the scientific method is also regarded as fundamentally important to the program. Skills related to the application of appropriate research methods, methods of data collection, data management, and the use of the scientific method in the interpretation and analysis of data with regard to research questions is regarded as essential to the mission of the program. The program uses courses such as Bioethics, Social Issues in Healthcare Delivery, Topics in Interdisciplinary Healthcare, Statistics, and Psychology to support the mission of the college by integrating a core of courses that pertain to issues that impact healthcare.

The Challenge

Jefferson College of Health Sciences has high expectations of behavior and of performance for all students. Students of the Biomedical Sciences program must set equally high standards of behavior and performance in order to be successful. As students destined for graduate work in the professions in healthcare or in a related field the expectations of performance set by individuals must be high at all times. The mission of the College to prepare ethical, knowledgeable, competent and caring healthcare providers is tied directly to the Biomedical Sciences program's high expectation of student performance.