Frequently Asked Questions

What if my course is not listed in Blackboard and I do not have access to my course? If you have registered for a distance learning or distance learning supported course and that course is not listed under the "My courses" section in Blackboard then you should contact the Distance Learning office immediately.

How can I change my password? Your password should be something you will easily remember and that is unique to you. Click on the Tools button, and select Personal Information, then select Change Password. Enter your new password, re-enter the new password again for verification. This changes your password immediately.

What if I forget my password? If you forget your password you will need to contact the Distance Learning office to have this reset for you.

How do I contact my instructor? In your course, click on the ?Faculty or Staff Information? button. Most instructors have listed telephone numbers, office number and email address here. There is also a listing of distance learning faculty in the back of this guide on page 31.

How do I check my grade for a course? You can check your grade for each course in Blackboard. This will show your total number of points and average, as well as grades for each item and the class average for each item. To check your grade click on the tools navigation button and then click on check grade. Remember that this may not reflect a final grade if items are counted at various percentages. If you have a question about your overall grade, contact your instructor.

What if I did not receive a grade? Any questions regarding the content of the course, grading, due dates or other information should be directed to your course instructor. All instructors have an email address where you can contact them. They have also listed an office telephone number, most of which have voice mail. Some instructors have included other phone numbers or methods by which you can contact them. Please refer to the Faculty Information section and the online syllabus for these details.

How do I establish initial contact with my instructor? Send a test email to the instructor. This email not only serves to test to be sure you can communicate with the instructor, but also provides an initial point of contact between you and the instructor. If you are having communication problems, these need to be resolved early since much of the course communication is via email.

What if I haven?t heard back from my instructor via email? If you do not receive a response from your instructor within a reasonable amount of time, try an alternate communication method. Most instructors have listed telephone numbers, email addresses, office location and fax numbers. All of these can be used to communicate with your instructor.

What should I do if I am unable to complete an online test because of computer/Internet problems? If you have problems completing an online assessment call or email the Distance Learning office immediately.

How do I know if my course requires on campus testing? Check your online course for details about how tests will be administered throughout the course.

Where do I go if my course requires on campus testing? Come to the JCHS Library Computer Lab if your course requires on campus testing.