Inclement Weather

The President, or designee will consider weather advisories and forecasts and/or other pertinent information. At the President’s, or designee’s discretion, the College may be placed on a delayed schedule (i.e., open at 10 a.m., etc.) or closed (i.e., classes canceled and offices closed) or Day Classes Canceled, or Night Classes Canceled.

Notification of a closing or delay will occur as outlined in the Unscheduled College Closings policy, mainly through local television and radio and Everbridge, the college's emergency e-mail/text message notification system. At the discretion of the Program Director, students may be required to make up time and/or days missed due to college closure or delay.


  • College Closed or Classes Canceled: All classes (day and night) are canceled and all offices closed.
  • Day Classes Canceled: All classes scheduled to begin before 5:00 p.m. are canceled. Faculty and staff should not report unless they have responsibilities after 5:00 p.m. When day classes are canceled, it is expected that night classes will be held unless another announcement is made.
  • Night Classes Canceled: No classes meet after 5:00 p.m. If class is already in progress, students and faculty should leave at 5:00 p.m.
  • Delayed Schedule, opening sometime later than 8 a.m.: Classes scheduled to occur prior to the Delayed Schedule opening time will not meet. If the delayed start time occurs during a regularly scheduled class period, that class will meet from the delayed opening time until the normal class dismissal time.
  • Clinical and/or Internship Rotations: As clinical experiences may fall outside of the College’s usual working hours or are performed at distant clinical facilities, program staff shall use their discretion to determine whether to hold, delay, or cancel a clinical/internship rotation. Students will be notified by a member of the program staff of changes to a rotation a minimum of one hour before the start of the clinical rotation. The program staff will determine the need for alternative clinical rotations for those students who miss a scheduled rotation.