Welcome to the Registrar’s Office! Our purpose is to serve students from the beginning of their academic careers at Jefferson College of Health Sciences to graduation and beyond.

Our office collects, records and preserves timely and accurate student data regarding registration, enrollment, grades, credits earned or transferred, academic progress and degrees earned, and we ensure adherence to academic policy.    Our staff welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions and invites you to seek us out when you need help.   Some of the reasons you may wish to contact the Registrar include obtaining “How To” information on the following processes:

  • Applying for Graduation
  • Calculating GPA
  • Changing a Major
  • Declaring a Minor
  • Learning about FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Declaring a Second Major
  • Participating in the Graduation Ceremony
  • Replacing a Diploma
  • Finding our your Student ID
  • Requesting Official Transcripts
  • Reviewing Transfer Credits
  • Verifying Enrollment
  • Verifying Good Student Status for Insurance Discounts
  • Searching for Course Offerings
  • Submitting Student Loan Deferment Forms
  • Withdrawing from Classes

Please contact us if we can be of assistance. Contact information for the Registrar's Office is listed below. We look forward to your success here at the college!

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