Master of Healthcare Administration

Degree Awarded: 
Master's Degree
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Program Mission: 

The purpose of the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program is to develop healthcare leaders who will possess the attributes, values and competencies needed to lead healthcare organizations today and into the future.

Program Goals Intro: 

Upon completion of the MHA program, graduates will be able to:

Program Goals: 
  • Comprehend and analyze a broad range of social, behavioral and environmental factors that influence individual and population health in the United States.
  • Assimilate and integrate acquired knowledge and critical thinking skills in general business management and leadership concepts and practices.
  • Model and apply knowledge and skills to effectively and ethically lead healthcare organizations within complex, competitive, regulatory and legal environments.
  • Synthesize acquired knowledge and skills toward the resolution of practical healthcare leadership issues and problems in an evidenced based practice environment.
  • Formulate and promote effective professional communication, cultural sensitivity and a commitment to acquire the skills to support lifelong learning.
Admission Requirements: 

The following requirements must be met for admission to the MHA Program:

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution with a recommended GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • All applicants must have completed a college level statistics course with a grade C or higher prior to or during the first semester of the program.
  • Completed recommendation forms from two references (click here to access a recommendation form).
  • A professional resume.

Applicants are not required to have previous healthcare experience prior to admission, but any student without a minimum of one year of healthcare experience, will be required to take MHA 670, a healthcare practicum, prior to graduation.

Other Information: 
Course Format

Courses are offered as online classes, supported by synchronous and asynchronous technology resources. Full-time students will take three to four courses per semester for a minimum of four semesters. One course, IPE 507, is an interprofessional educational course that is taken with graduate students from the Master of Science programs in Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant, and medical students from the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

Tuition Assistance

The Financial Aid Office at Jefferson College assists students in identifying all financial resources available to help you realize your educational and career goals. Financial aid is available through public and private funding for eligible students. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to discuss their financial needs with the Financial Aid Office by calling (540) 985-8267.

Community Health Administration - Master of Healthcare Administration Plan of Study
Semester 1: Fall
HA 510 Foundations of Healthcare Administration 3
HA 520 Advanced Health Information Systems 3
HA 530 Organizational Theories and Leadership 3
HA 501 Communication in Healthcare Administration 3
  Total Credits - Semester 1 12
Semester 2: Spring
IDS 660 Human Resource Administration 3
HA 550 Research Methods and Analysis 3
HA 562 Healthcare Finance 3
  Total Credits - Semester 2 9
Semester 3: Summer
HA 610 Legal Issues Affecting Healthcare Organizations 3
HA 620 Strategic Healthcare Economics and Policy 3
HA 630 Seminar in Healthcare Administration 3
  Total Credits - Semester 3 9
Semester 4: Fall    
HA 640 Operations & Performance Management 3
HA 650 Quality Assessment and Improvement 3
HA 660 Strategic Leadership and Marketing 3
IPE 507 Ethical and Legal Practice in Healthcare 3
  Total Credits - Semester 4 12
  Total HA Credits 42
HA 670 Practicum
Is required for students with less than one year
of healthcare experience. Any MHA student is
eligible to take this course in order to gain
additional healthcare experience.
  Total HA Credits with Optional Practicum 45