General Academic Resources

How to Study
An extensive website that helps students understand the process of effective studying. This includes guides to understanding the importance of motivation and time management, as well as a selection of subject-specific resources including how to study for Biology, English composition, and even Nursing courses. 

Active Learning
This presentation will help familiarize you with basic strategies for becoming an active and engaged student. 
Testing Strategies
This presentation examines common issues and strategies to use when dealing with test, exams, and quizzes. 

College Study Tips for Students
This website covers a number of common strategies for studying.

Listen Actively and Take Great Notes
A set of guidelines and tips from Princeton University to improve your retention of class presentations and lectures.

Lecture Note Taking
A great outline for essential strategies when taking notes during a lecture.

10 Tips for Test Taking
A quick set of tips for taking tests at a glance.

Strategies for Midterms and Finals
A comprehensive guide to better testing strategies for midterms and final exams.