Jefferson in the News: Magazine Articles


March 2018: Master's Programs Will Provide a Path to Medical School, Virginia Business

March 2018: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Intends to Merge with Radford University, Our Health

March 2, 2018: Research and Education: Projects Seek to Identify Effective Treatments and Create a Talent Pipeline, Virginia Business 

January 18, 2018: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Plans to Merge with Radford University, Virginia Business

January/February 2018: The Practical Value of Education, The Roanoker

January/February 2018: Mill Mountain, The Roanoker


December 2017: Virginia Business Person of the Year: Carilion Executive Hasn't Forgotten Her Time on the Front Lines of Patient Care, Virginia Business Magazine

December 2017: Meet Nancy Agee, AHA Chair in 2018, Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine

November 2017: Tracking Antimicrobials, Valley Business Front

September/October 2017: Top Schools & Colleges 2017: Science, Math & Technology, Virginia Living Magazine

June 2017: Why You Need to Know Debi Pasley (graduate of Roanoke Memorial Hospital School of Professional Nursing, a founding school of Jefferson College of Health Sciences), D Magazine (Dallas. TX)

Spring 2017: Grands Rounds: Perfect Score (p. 6); A Beautiful Friendship (p. 13); An Emerging National Voice (p. 14), Carilion Medicine

April/May 2017: Hello, Health: Senses and ScienceAbility, a Day of Immersion in Arts and Sciences, Our Health

March 2017: Most Influential Virginians 2017 (Nancy Agee), Virginia Business

January 2017: Carilion's Long Shadow...of it it Light?, The Roanoker


December 2016/January 2017: Hello, Health: The 5th Annual Jefferson College 5K Riverside Run & Wellness Walk, Our Health

October/November 2016: How to in Healthcare, Part IV: Time to Put the Skills to the Test, Our Health

September/October 2016: Top Schools & Colleges 2016: Science, Math & Technology, Virginia Living Magazine

August 2016: People - September 2016, Virginia Business

August 2016: Counting Experience: A New Federal program Allows Veterans in Nursing Programs to Get College Credit for Military Training, Roanoke Business

August/September 2016: How to in Healthcare, Part III: Graduating to Graduate School, Our Health

July/August 2016: Roanoke: A Growing Education Center, The Roanoker

June/July 2016: How to in Healthcare, Part II: Choosing the Right Undergraduate School for your Healthcare Specialty, Our Health

June 2016: Ten Year Checkup: Physician-led Carilion Clinic Begins Second Decade with New Ventures and More Affiliations with Virginia Tech, Roanoke Business

April/May 2016: How to in Healthcare, Part I: Preparing for a Career in Healthcare as Early as High School, Our Health

April/May 2016: Hello, Health—Docs for Morgan, Our Health

January 2016: Hello Health: Healthcare Careers are Within Reach, Our Health

January 2016: Collaborating Across Borders (Page 4), Carilion Medicine

January 2016: Grand Rounds—Education at Carilion Clinic and its Affiliates (Page 6), Carilion Medicine

January 2016: New Doctoral Programs (Page 7), Carilion Medicine

January 2016: Connecting the Docs: Medical Students Who Train with Other Future Healthcare Providers End Up Delivering Better Patient Care (page 24), Carilion Medicine

January 2016: Career FRONT, Valley Business Front


December 2015: Docs for Morgan, The Roanoker

December 2015: Leading the Pack (beginning on page 10), Valley Business Front

November 2015: Within Reach to Be Held for Those Interested in the Healthcare Professions, Roanoke BizNews

November 2015: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Announces Addition of Doctoral Degrees and Creation of School of Graduate & Professional Studies, Roanoke BizNews

November 2015: Jefferson College of Health Sciences to Add Two Doctorate Programs, Virginia Business Magazine

September/October 2015: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Awarded 3-Year, $1 Million Grant to Develop Baccalaureate Nursing Degree Program for Veterans, Roanoke Biz News

October 2015: Preparing Medical Professionals: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Trains Students to Work in Teams So They Will be Prepared for the Real World, Roanoke Business

October 2015: Interprofessionalism Takes Center Stage, Our Health

October 2015: New & Noteworthy—Jefferson College of Health Sciences Named a Top School in Capital Improvements by Virginia Living Magazine, Our Health

September 2015: Front Notes—Jefferson College of Health Sciences Receives $1 Million Grant, Valley Business Front

August 2015: Company News>People, Virginia Business

August 2015: Member News & Recognition (page 35), Roanoke Business

July 2015: VTC School of Medicine and Research Institute, Having an Impact in Roanoke, Across the Region and Around the World, Roanoke Business

June/July 2015: Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Radford University and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Celebrate Opening of the New Virginia Intercollegiate Anatomy Lab (page 16) & Jefferson College of Health Sciences Hosts Inaugural Education Foundation Luncheon (page 18), Our Health

June 2015: Where Learning Means Business, Valley Business Front

June 2015: Learn in the Valley: Expanding Horizons (page 44) & Care in the Valley (page 47), Valley Life

June 2015: In Your Community (page 24), Carilion Clinic Living

June 2015: Member News & Recognition, Roanoke Business Magazine

May 2015: 50 Great Health Systems to Know 2015, Becker's Hospital Review

May: Members News & Recognitions, Roanoke Business

April/May 2015: What if We Didn't... (pages 68-78), Our Health

April 2015: More Than A Railroad Town, Roanoke Business

March/April 2015: Roanoke's First Responders: The Heroes Among Us, The Roanoker

January 2015: Hello, Health: Jefferson College of Health Sciences Hosts 3rd Annual 5K Riverside Run & Wellness Walk (pages 111-112), Our Health Magazine


September 2014: Education Rankings and Advice: Top Health Schools, U.S. News & World Report

September/October 2014: Top High Schools and Colleges 2014 (page 143), Virginia Living Magazine

July 2014: Member News & Recognitions (page 34), Roanoke Business Magazine

June 2014: Jefferson Graduation Moves to Elmwood Park (page 26), Carilion Clinic Living

June 2014: Dealing with Pain and Death (page 23), Roanoke Business

June 2014: Member News & Recognitions (page 34), Roanoke Business

April 2014: Leading Jefferson College, Roanoke Business

April 2014: Virtual Classrooms Offer Real Degrees, Valley Business Front Magazine


August/September 2013: SW and Central VA Colleges are Answering the Call for Needed Medical Care, Our Health Magazine


January 2012: The Big Business of Medicine in Roanoke, The Roanoker

January 2012: How Ed Walker is Remaking Our City, The Roanoker


February 2011: Medicine, Jobs and Roanoke, The Roanoker


November 2010: For the Record, Virginia Business

August 2010: People, Virginia Business

August 2010: Ed Walker's Downtown Vision, The Roanoker

February 2010: People, Virginia Business


July/August 2009: A World of New Medicine in Southwest and Central Virginia, Our Health Magazine

May 2009: Star City Shines Bright, U.S. Airways Magazine

August 2009: People, Virginia Business


August 2010: Not Your Parents' College, The Roanoker


November 2007: Too Many Patients, Not Enough White Coats, Virginia Business