Policies and Procedures

Jefferson College of Health Sciences (Jefferson College) employees are subject to the policies and procedures of our parent institution, Carilion Clinic. To meet the needs of an academic institution, Jefferson College also establishes policies specific to the College. These are developed and periodically reviewed through the shared governance structure as appropriate. Final review and approval is conducted by the College Administrative Team (CAT) and the President.

Notice of updated/revised policies and procedures will be announced on the Jefferson College Policy and Procedure webpage.  Posted policies are deemed current until a revised posting is made.  New or revised policies and procedures will also be announced in the College’s weekly intranet update.

The current version of all employee policies are maintained electronically in Page CenterX by the appropriate Dean. 


The following policies are those that are unique to Jefferson College. To access these policies, which are located in Page CenterX, click here and login using your AD credentials. Click on the "Jefferson College of Health Sciences" folder and "Policy and Procedures" subfolder.  The following policies will appear:

Academic Program Review Low Enrollment Classes
Campus Safety Policy Medication, Needle, and Syringe Storage Policy
Compensation For Time Off and College Closings Performance Planning, Review and Merit Increase
Credit Hour Policy Planning and Evaluation Process
Employee Categories & Appointment Types Policy Development, Approval, and Review
Employee Credentialing Position Posting, Recruitment, and Selection
Employee Technology Policy Relationships
Facility Usage Safety Assessment, Intervention, and Facilitation
Faculty Employment Status & Appointment Agreements Secondary Faculty Appointments
Faculty Rank and Promotion Security Camera Policy
Faculty Workload Policy Signage Policy
Fire Safety Disclosure Compliance Policy Student Complaint
Funding for Advanced Education Student EPIC Access Termination
Harassment Substantive Change Policy
Identification Badge, Key, and Access Card Policy Teleworking Faculty Policy
Jefferson Employee Tuition Waiver Unscheduled College Closings


The following policies are a subset of the Carilion Clinic policies that apply to Jefferson College employees and that may be frequently accessed. Direct links to these policies are provided for your convenience. Other policies may also apply. For assistance in locating additional policies, please refer to your supervisor, Kathy York, or Carilion Human Resources.

Attendance Licensure/Certification/Registration
Bereavement Leave Moving Expenses
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Non-Employee Paid Time Off - Extended Illness Bank Policy
Business Expense Policy Payroll Reimbursement
Carilion Employee Guide Performance Planning, Review and Merit Increase
Compensation Overtime Problem Solving Policy
Compensation - Professional Examination Promotion, Demotion, and Transfer
Confidentiality Policy Recording and Reporting of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses
Disciplinary Action Release of Employee Information
Drug Free Workplace Secondary Position
Email Policy Separation of Employment
Employee Assistance Program Solicitation & Distribution
Employment Status Timekeeping
Equal Employment Opportunity Union-Free Status
Harassment Violence in the Workplace
Information Access Control Policy Work with Non-Work Related Illness, Injury or Disability
Information Security and Privacy Policy Worker's Compensation
Intellectual Property Workforce Reduction and Severance
Jury Duty