Senses and ScienceAbility: Introduction and Acknowledgements

The First Annual Jefferson College Arts and Sciences Festival was held March 25, 2017. Senses and ScienceAbility: A Day of Immersion in the Arts and Sciences was sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Department.  In this and most any other context, “sciences” is easily understood. “Sciences” is understood to be the study and practice of the disciplines of physics, biology and chemistry, as well as the social sciences and their varied and growing subdisciplines, used to observe and explain the world. “Arts”, however, is more ambiguous. “Arts” can suggest the varied creative activities in which we actively and passively participate. “Arts,” particularly in academia, refer to those intellectual pursuits that collectively prepare humanity for responsible and informed citizenship. It was our intent to present opportunities to make real-world inquiries using the basic sciences, provide creative endeavors to explore our world, and promote information to our local community about scientific and research processes, all at the intersection of healthcare and education.

Our objectives for the 2017 Arts and Sciences Festival were to

  • celebrate science
  • promote inquiry through structured and unstructured scientific and creative events
  • educate the community we serve about health and wellness
  • provide opportunities to the public to learn about and engage in the research process
  • market Jefferson College as a member of the collegiate community, a member of the Roanoke-area community, and the college of choice for a healthcare career

This festival could not have happened without staff, faculty, students and community members and partners who gave innumerable hours of creative planning, supportive energy and hands-on hard work. Many of these provided behind-the-scenes efforts.

The Jefferson College Arts and Sciences Festival Committee would like to thank these and all the staff and volunteers who helped make Festival Day successful. We had participation from Jefferson College of Health Sciences including an alumna, Roanoke Public Libraries, Virginia Tech College of Engineering Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, Radford University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Carilion Clinic, and many members of the extended college family and community.

We especially want to thank the enthusiastic community of children and the adults who came with them for joining us to create art and do science. Your support during the day and your encouragement afterwards were rewarding beyond measure. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018—if not before!

2017 Arts and Sciences Committee:

  • Susan A. Tolliver, M.B.A., MT(ASCP)
  • Asem I. Abdulahad, Ph.D.
  • Robin L. Davies, Ph.D.
  • Johanna T. Ferguson, M.S.
  • Sara R. Houser, M.S.
  • Paula L. Prince, Ph.D.
  • Jayasimha Rao, Ph.D.

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