Disability Services Office

Meet the Disability Services Counselor

Shannon KinzieShannon Kinzie, M.A.
Phone: (540) 985-9711
Office: CRCH, RM 427






Are You a New or Prospective Student?

Contact Shannon Kinzie to schedule an introductory meeting. She’ll review your documents with you, and ensure your services are in place when classes begin.

Possible Documentation Needed:

  • Individualized Education Plan written within the past year
  • Psychological assessment performed by a licensed individual
  • Verification of physical/medical condition form completed by treating physician
  • Verification of Psychiatric Condition form completed by treating physician/psychiatrist 
  • Voluntary Disclosure form filled out by the student 

Are You a Returning Student?

Contact Shannon Kinzie to schedule an update meeting. She’ll help you verify that your documents are updated and current, and ensure your services are in place when classes begin.

What Accommodations Can You Expect?

Disability accommodations might include (but aren’t restricted to) low-distraction environments, extended time for testing or assignments, assistive technologies, one-on-one human support, and clinical accommodations (on a case-by-case basis).